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  1. user1347
    January 8, 2014 at 12:34 pm

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Finally an Improved Alternative to the Nest, June 25, 2013

    By J. Van Wagenen (Saratoga Springs, UT, USA) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    I am a pretty big tech geek, and the smart home stuff has become a big interest for me recently. I can control my sprinklers and garage door from my phone/PC, and wanted to do the same with my thermostat. I had looked into the Nest and ecobee smart thermostats but both had limitations that held me back from actually buying them (see below). When I first saw this new Honeywell thermostat, it finally had everything I wanted and pushed me to actually go out and buy it.

    – Installation –

    Very easy. You just need to remove your old unit, label the wires, and connect the wires to the new terminals. You absolutely need a C wire for this unit to work, as it needs power to keep the backlight and wifi connection on (or use the G-to-C workaround). Once powered & connected, setup is a breeze. You tell it your system type, and select your wifi access point (supports all security protocols). To connect it to Honeywell’s site, you need to set up a free account there and enter your thermostat’s MAC address.

    – The Android / iPhone App –

    They already had the smartphone app developed for the 8580, and it is a sleek, solid, proven app, and the user reviews back that up (search “Total Connect Comfort”). But the 8580 was just ugly in comparison, and the monochrome “sorta” touch screen left plenty to be desired stylistically, even though the scheduling and other features worked great. So with this 9580, I finally have features, functionality, and a great companion app for my phone. The app is 100% reliable, has a very quick response time from sending a command and my system responding, and never crashes/force closes.

    – What You Can Do from the Android/iPhone App –

    – Home Tab:
    – Set the temperature, and how long to hold that temperature for
    – View the current indoor temperature & humidity
    – View the current outdoor temperature & humidity (does not require purchasing an additional sensor, this information is retrieved from the internet)
    – View the 5-Day forecast for your zipcode
    – System Tab:
    – Set system to heat/cool/off.
    – Fan Tab:
    – Set fan to on/auto/circulate
    – Schedule Tab
    – Set the heating & cooling target temperature for all 7 days
    – Each day has four scheduling points, though you don’t have to use them all (wake, leave, return, sleep)
    – You can also choose for each point, what you want the fan setting to be (on/auto/circulate), which is a feature most scheduling thermostats don’t give you – this setting can usually only be manually set, not scheduled.

    – What You Can Do from the Website –

    – Everything listed above that you can do from the app
    – Add additional locations, and add additional thermostat for each location (and set a name for each location & thermostat)
    – Edit account information, & add dealer information, if you need to save contact info from a company that installed the device
    – Set notification email addresses, up to 6.
    – Set optional notifications settings. Available notification triggers:
    – Temp/Humidity is higher/lower than x for y hours
    – Connection is lost between your thermostat and Honeywell’s servers, after x hours
    – A change/command failed to be sent to your thermostat after x minutes
    – For any notification chosen, continue to remind me every x hours
    – Notify when thermostat conditions return to normal
    – View a full schedule overview (app only shows you one day at a time)
    – Grant access to additional email addresses for certain locations. So if you have 2 locations, you could grant a babysitter access to only one of them, for example.

    The “remember me” option on the app will remember your email and password to login. On the website it only remembers your email. I wish both just had an “auto-login” feature.

    – What You Can Do from the Thermostat Wall Panel –

    – Home/System/Fan Tabs: Same as the mobile app (plus date/time display), except no 5 day forecast
    – Menu Tab:
    – Full scheduling control, same functionality as scheduling in the app
    – Vacation mode – tell it the day/time you are leaving/returning, and desired temperature for this period
    – Color scheme – Choose from 14 nice-looking presets, or create a custom scheme. The custom colors are in the form of: Color (0 to 359), Shade (0 to 100%), Brightness (0 to 100%), which translates to thousands of color options.
    – Preferences:
    – Reminders to change air filter / humidifier pad, utility schedule options
    – Thermostat Inactivity Brightness: After about a minute of inactivity, the thermostat dims to your preferred level, from 0 (off) to 10 (bright).
    – Smart Response: When on, thermostat turns on before scheduled time to get it to the desired temp at the schedule time, learns how long it takes to reach it and adjusts accordingly. This works well, but I’m glad there is an option to turn…

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  2. user1252
    January 8, 2014 at 12:15 pm

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy install but alarmnet network has been down which renders useless., August 14, 2013

    By Nick Papagiorgio “Im into Software.” (Yuma, AZ) –

    I purchased the Honeywell RTH9580 wifi thermostat and the install was a breeze! I have a mid 2000s home and the deinstall and reinstall of this unit could not have been any easier. Basically I took the old case off, labeled the wires with the provided stickers the new unit provides, then plugged in said wires into new unit and it fired up with around a 20 minute install time. I tested the air and heat and it worked great, the unit looked amazing and was almost the same size as my old outdated white non touch screen thermo. I quickly deinstalled and grabbed some paint and touched around the edges and it was then seamless. So far so good!

    There is a large yellow button on the unit that says ‘Register online for remote access’ i pushed that button on the unit and it did nothing so i went online to their site to register and i filled out my information. After pushing the submit button to submit all my info the page tries to do something then after about 10 minutes it times out. I called up the toll free line and it immediate asked if i was a wifi thermo customer and i pushed 1. This made me think that something was up with the unit or the site since this appeared to be the main honeywell support hotline. I immediately got a tech which was great, gave him my info and told him the trouble of the site nor unit going online. He alerted me that it was in fact an problem and it has been down since Thursday August 8 2013 and today is Wednesday August 14th. He said they were working rapidly to get this fixed and that it was in fact a major outage. I asked him that if I had been out of town and trying to control my thermo remotely (which is the whole reason I purchased the unit) that I would be unable to and he replied that was correct I would not be able to control it via the app or online.

    This appears to be a major concern and I will wait a couple more days to see how it goes and so far my review of the unit is outstanding and I love the looks, functions, feel and aesthetics. With that said a whole portion of the unit still has the yellow button looking for online access so its not nearly functional.

    Tech support was great, unit looks and works great however the alarmnet which is intrical to its function is the only negative i have found thus far. I would rate this 5 starts if the online/remote functionality was working.

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  3. user636
    January 8, 2014 at 12:08 pm

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent thermostat. Better than Nest., August 12, 2013

    By P. H. Sherrod “philsherrod” (Nashville, TN) –

    I purchased a Nest thermostat several days ago based on the recommendations of various people (all Apple lovers) and favorable reviews. The Nest is elegant, and it does have an Apple-like look, but I didn’t like it.

    I tried to convince myself that I would learn to like the Nest by repeating over and over, “The Nest is a neat thermostat, you’re going to love it. The Nest is a neat thermostat, you’re going to love it.”, but it didn’t work. The Nest has a number of annoying features that bugged me to the point where I had to get rid of it. I returned the Nest, and I purchased a Honeywell RTH9580 “Smart Thermostat”.

    * The temperature swings allowed by the Nest are much wider than any Honeywell thermostat I’ve owned. Honeywell thermostats keep the temperature to within +/- 1 deg. of the set point; Nest seems to have a tolerance of either +/- 2 or +/- 3 deg. (other reviewers say +/- 3). Sometimes the area was too cool, and other times it was too warm. The main purpose of a thermostat is to keep the temperature stable, not to look pretty. This much temperature variation just isn’t acceptable.

    * I really missed having the current temperature, set temperature and humidity displayed on the front of the unit. And I missed having the display stay on so that I could glance at it without stopping to get its attention.

    Here are the advantages of the Honeywell RTH9580 over the Nest:

    * Better temperature control: +/- 1 deg. rather than +/- 3 deg.

    * Continuous display of current temperature, set temperature and humidity. You don’t have to stand there while the Nest figures out you want its attention.

    * Ability to schedule automatic/no/circulate fan mode for each period.

    * Easily selectable permanent or temporary temperature hold with a simple button press. (The Nest is the only thermostat I’ve ever seen that didn’t have an easy way to permanently hold a temperature.)

    * Ability to set the number of days you’ll be away on vacation.

    * Simpler and clearer guidance as to how to configure gas heat and electric A/C which I have. I got it wrong with the Nest.

    * Ability to set a +/- temperature offset between what its sensors think the temperature is and what it will display and use as the current temperature. I used a 2 degree offset to make the thermostat agree with a lab-grade thermometer I own.

    * E-mail alerts if the temperature exceeds set limits or if some other events occur.

    Here are the advantages of the Nest over the Honeywell RTH9580:

    * More elegant (but less functional) look.

    * Ability to schedule more than 4 time periods per day. This sounds good, but I’ve been using a Honeywell thermostat with 4 time periods for over 15 years, and I’ve never felt the need for more than 4 periods.

    Good features in both units:

    * Web page to make programming and setting easy.

    * iPhone/iPad apps to control the thermostat, set the schedule, check the status, etc.

    * Other than the difference in the number of scheduling periods, remote control of the two thermostats is essential the same. However, the Honeywell does allow you to schedule fan mode, which I like.

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